Prepare and Understand... or You May Be Deceived

Economic, political, military and spiritual forces are rapidly converging to create the most challenging period in human history. As a result, a majority will be paralyzed by the staggering supernatural implications. The coming deception will usher in a world that most of us could never imagine. It is possible to not only survive, but to triumph in the coming days... but you must not be deceived.

Every culture sees the same phenomenon through the filter of its own paradigm. However, the Bible presents us with a reality that spans all civilizations. The angels of God are here on earth, and their influence is unmistakable. But there is a war going on.

We have seen the evidence of their presence. But, we have also been taught a lie. Throughout the ages, Satan has worn the cloak of many disguises, and has brought entire civilizations under his world view. Today he has turned himself into a myth. He has fictionalized true history, and has been re-writing it for us.

Evidence has been available for thousands of years. But there has been an effort to deceive the majority while allowing only the "elite" and "illuminated" to know the "truth". But even they are deceived by the very entities they worship.

What actually happened in the ancient past? What was the enemy's plan? How will the Nephilim present in the next few years? What is the "strong delusion" the Bible warns is coming?

"There were Nephilim in the land in those days, and also afterwards"
Genesis 6:4

"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be again at the coming of the son of man"
Matthew 24:37

"Men's hearts failing from fear... looking after those things which are coming on the earth"
Luke 21:26

What does the Bible say is coming? Scripture cuts through the disguises and exposes an evil strategy. Will you recognize the truth? Why would the world, at Satan's command, take up arms against God as prophesized? At this turning point in our history, as the fallen angels present themselves once again, will you be seduced?

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We don't sell anything at T2B. This site's only cost is one of time, expense, and our reputation if we present something not of the Lord. We take this very seriously. The only goal is to help you with your own study.

Whether you want to believe it or not, we are in the end days. God has plans to re-establish His kingdom on earth. But, if you're not aligned with Him and trusting in Him, you're in for a world of chaos and fear you cannot even imagine. The Bible says "men's hearts will fail them just looking at the things coming to pass". There is light at the end of the tunnel... but you have to know the path to take. You have to align yourself with the Lord and those that can see what is going on.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything you're listening to or reading. Take it in, think and pray about what you're learning. Keep pressing forward because time is short.

America’s Secrets

Jan 04, 2013 Comments Off on America’s Secrets

What do you really know about the founding fathers and plans for America?  Learn the secrets of the true Lost Symbol… the forbidden knowledge of the Vatican and Washington DC, and the 200 year old cipher hidden in plain site at the Capital Dome and on the Great Seal of teh United States. The discovery […]

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Heavenly Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

Jan 04, 2013 No Comments

A minister who promotes the Old Testament roots of Christianity suggests a rare string of lunar and solar eclipses said to fall on God’s annual holy days seven years from now could herald what’s come to be known as the “Second Coming” of Jesus.   “God wants us to look at the biblical calendar,” says […]

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Giant Structures

Jan 06, 2012 2 Comments

Who exactly built the pyramids?  How did ancient civilizations obtain the knowledge to cut and move 3000 ton rocks many miles?  How did the Mayan’s know about advanced astronomy? Follow our “Corruption” study and find out some astonishing things about our ancient past.  You’ll be amazed… and maybe a little bit freaked out as well:) There […]

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Nibiru: Planet X?

Jan 05, 2012 4 Comments

[Be Sure to Study the “Catastrophy” Series Links for more info] NASA has confirmed what ancient civilizations warned about thousands of years ago.  It was reported in major news outlets around the world for several years. Nibiru, or as it is translated “planet of the crossing” may be a heavy mass object (HMO) in addition […]

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Coming Deception

Jan 03, 2012 6 Comments

The main focus around the TTB web site is to prepare people for a deception the Bible speaks of that will happen in this generation. The Word says that, when you see the Jewish people back in their homeland (after being removed from it for nearly 2000 years), that generation would see the fulfillment of […]

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Are You Ready?

Aug 25, 2015 No Comments

Note: Are we in the “Rapture Window”. Here is one view to look at from a prophetic perspective From: By: John On September 23, 2015 the red timeline arrowhead intersects with the red vertical 2015 arrow and the final prophecies of the Age are set in motion; -Start of Daniel’s 70th week Sept 23, […]

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Markets, Tribulation & Judgment

Aug 25, 2015 Comments Off on Markets, Tribulation & Judgment

Thanks to all of our followers who send us very thoughtful and often amazing emails and content to check out. We unfortunately can’t respond to it all. As you know, here at T2B we try to bring you several viewpoints from authors all over the globe. One of the debates Christians can never seem to […]

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Coming Persecution

Aug 20, 2015 Comments Off on Coming Persecution

By Joe Schimmel From: Left Behind or Led Astray The coming persecution has already begun to one degree or another. Street preachers in South Carolina have been handcuffed and hauled off to jail due to “noise pollution.” Christians in the Middle East are put to death in the name of Allah. A man was beaten […]

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One Religion

Aug 18, 2015 Comments Off on One Religion

Note: As we approach the Pope’s most important visit in history to the USA next month (including a private meeting with the President and messages to a joint session of congress and the UN) it is a good time to review the beliefs behind the man who will be making history. From: Olive Tree Ministry […]

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Third Temple Plans Begin

Aug 18, 2015 Comments Off on Third Temple Plans Begin

From: Israel By: The Temple Institute This is a walk-through the main sanctuary of the Holy Temple, showcasing decades of research and tens of innovative Halachic solutions to various perplexing issues that were resolved to create fully functional, ready-to-use plans. As the visual tour sweeps through the sanctuary, one can see the menorah, incense altar […]

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We Have A Month

Aug 11, 2015 Comments Off on We Have A Month

By: Richard Shaw From: It is our duty to be studying the signs of the times. I write about this often but events are now happening so fast that it’s impossible to keep up with them. You’ll see what we discovered in WATCHERS 9, and we’re now rushing to complete the film. Things just […]

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Shemitah Unlocked

Aug 11, 2015 Comments Off on Shemitah Unlocked

From: Dr. Kevin Clarkson, Prophecy in The News By: Jonathan Cahn Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discuss some new information involving “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and Cahn’s newest DVD “The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked”. [Video 3 Parts] Tweet

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Post Trib Pre Wrath?

Aug 11, 2015 Comments Off on Post Trib Pre Wrath?

By: Kent Hovind NOTE: We recently came across the videos from Pastor Kent Hovind. Many may have heard of his prison sentence for a tax issue which was a hot debate; whether it was fair or not. You gotta like this guy once you listen to his teachings. In short, he has an in-depth study […]

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UN Security Counsel Room Mural

Aug 08, 2015 Comments Off on UN Security Counsel Room Mural

By: Mark Flynn From: Josh Peck Format: Video on T2B Mark Flynn discusses the disturbing mural found in the UN Security Counsel Room. Mark explains the meaning behind the mural both from the perspective of the elite and then from a Christian view. [Video 7mins] Tweet

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From Noah to Planet X

Aug 08, 2015 Comments Off on From Noah to Planet X

By: Justen Faull & Mark Combs From: The Forth Watch In this audio episode Justen and author Mark Combs investigatively discuss a plethora of prophetic topics. The adventure includes scientific studies of Noah’s Ark and prophecies of world destruction, conditions before the flood and giant plants and animals, Nephilim and technology advancements of the fallen […]

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Mythology and Architecture Labyrinth

Aug 08, 2015 Comments Off on Mythology and Architecture Labyrinth

By: Mark Flynn From: Josh Peck’s “The Sharpening” Author Mark Flynn and show host Josh Peck work together to produce a video interview series based on Mark’s book “Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth”. This is a series unlike anything that has been done before on The Sharpening and one that any enthusiast of this type […]

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Goliath Gates of Gath Discovered

Aug 05, 2015 Comments Off on Goliath Gates of Gath Discovered

By: Richard Gray From: Mail Online It was the Biblical city where the giant Goliath lived and one of the most powerful in the Philistine empire before it was destroyed in the ninth century BC. Archaeologists have now uncovered the remains of an enormous gate and fortified wall which are giving clues to just how […]

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What Year Is It?

Aug 04, 2015 Comments Off on What Year Is It?

By: Peter Martinez From: What Year Is It? Do You Know? Don’t you think that is important information for us to know as CHILDREN OF LIGHT? While you’re sitting around wondering “where’s the great tribulation”… Remember the greatest tribulation is the one you don’t know you’re in. “Even him, whose coming is after the […]

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Of That Day and Hour

Aug 04, 2015 Comments Off on Of That Day and Hour

Things that make you go, hmmmm. Those that study the word have heard it many times: No man can no the day or hour of Christ’s return. It comes from the book of Matthew: “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. But as […]

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September 23, 2015 and 2520

Jul 27, 2015 Comments Off on September 23, 2015 and 2520

From: Does the Bible Let Us Know the Start of the Tribulation? “There are exactly forty-nine (7 x 7) years (360-day, prophetic years) from the day Israel captured The Temple Mount on June 7, 1967 to Yom Kippur September 23, 2015.” Even the most casual Bible reader understands the number 7 is special in […]

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Planet 7X Interview

Jul 17, 2015 Comments Off on Planet 7X Interview

From: John Wells “Caravan to Midnight” Guest: Gill Broussard of This is a very good interview edited down to 90 mins. It covers the events in the bible and how they correlate to planet X. Astronomer Gill Broussard has labeled the heavy mass object as Planet 7X to describe its size of approximately 7 […]

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Jesus Coming in September?

Jul 08, 2015 Comments Off on Jesus Coming in September?

From: LA Marzulli By: Pastor Mark Conn Every few years it seems as though there are new end-of-the world apocalyptic predictions. As the targeted dates draw near, promoters of those dates write large books about their predictions that repeatedly sell tens of thousands of copies to a curious and often frightened public. When the date […]

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Summary of Planet 7X

Jun 26, 2015 Comments Off on Summary of Planet 7X

This video series is taken from the YouTube site of Gil Broussard and I think this is one of the most comprehensive studies of what happened in the Biblical past, and what is coming in the future. NOTE: Link to the Article Online to View Video Series Summary of Planet 7X Is &X Real? […]

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Jade Helm 2015

Jun 26, 2015 Comments Off on Jade Helm 2015

From: Blog Talk Radio By: Doug Hagmann There has been much speculation about the purpose, scope and depth within the alternative media about Jade Helm 15. At the epicenter of this speculation exists one primary question: What is the real reason behind the Jade Helm 15 exercise? “D.J.,” an investigative researcher and the founder and […]

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Crop Circles & Planet X Dates

Jun 26, 2015 Comments Off on Crop Circles & Planet X Dates

There are so many watchers that are calculating dates for a possible Planet X encounter that it is hard not to report news on a daily basis. This is another unique perspective of a dateline using recent crop circle data from Holland. From : All News Pipleline BY: By Susan Duclos For over a decade, […]

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