Giants Archeology

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In researching the Nephilim, I have come across several individulas that have been documenting newspaper articles (and even older publications) that show digs that un-earthed giant humans in the past.

Many of these skeletal remains were placed in museums. Usually, they remains were taked by “authorities” and often by the Smithsonian. But, in the last 50 yeasr… displays of these remains have virtually vanished from every museum world-wide. The timing is close to the push for Darwin evolutionary theory being pushed to the masses.

We hope to be able to catalog many of these newspaper clippings. An example is this New York Times article from December 1868 that describes a giant found in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. The height of the bones indicate a nearly 11ft man, with a 31″ skull and estimated weight near 1000 lbs.


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