What Was the Chinese Guest Star?

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By Gill Broussard

What Happened in 1054?

This presentation will attempt not to dispute the Supernova of 1054 but to point out that there were two objects that year, and to demonstrate that in part, some of the accounts are not associated to the supernova, however they are related to a NEO position, size, brightness & observed movement through the sky.

This second object observed by highly trained Chinese astronomers in 1054, is in-fact a planetary object that I call “Planet-7X”!

A most recent white paper report “A Re-evaluation of the Eastern and Western Records of the Supernova of 1054” proves without a doubt this object was “not stationary” unlike a “supernova.” This NEO instead moved across the sky as reported by the Chinese astronomers, following near the planetary plane of the ecliptic. I will attempt to reconstruct it’s orbital path, even though there are billions of combinations to attempt to match to!

To attempt to narrow our search field I substitute the missing information with references from documents from ancient Hebrew documents as the Torah and ancient accounts in the new testament of the Bible such as;

A exit point in the month of Passover (mid-March to mid-April) and a entry point five months apart (150 days) mid-August to mid-September.

The Biblical sources also gives us enough information to calculate it’s size, seven Earth diameters (7X).

The conclusion is that the Chinese astronomers eyewitness account gives us a precise correlation with our model on location and travel through the night sky with relative size and brightness.

This is truly a billion’s to one chance that it would have confirmed such an alignment.

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