PSYOPs From Mount Eden

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In this series, Dr. Michael S. Heiser and Derek P. Gilbert join guest hosts Josh Peck and Sharon Gilbert to discuss the truth of Eden, PSYOPS, angels, devils, and much more (check the timestamped topics below)! Make sure to visit for The Great Inception by Derek P. Gilbert and Reversing Hermon by Dr. Michael S. Heiser.

TOPICS: 0:00 – Introduction
2:37 – Enemy PSYOPS in Eden
5:07 – The Divine Counsel Before and After Eden
6:57 – The Mountain Garden of Eden
8:37 – Are the Serpent, Nachash, Dragon, and Satan the Same Entity?
12:01 – How to Classify Angelic Beings
14:50 – Ordering Information
19:34 – Web Exclusive Information
20:11 – Mount Hermon and Divine Counsel Counterfeits
22:04 – Enoch and the Stones of Fire
23:50 – The Seven Burning Mountains of Tartarus
24:45 – Connections Between Stars and Angels
27:46 – Conclusion

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