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Dr. Michael S. Heiser and Derek P. Gilbert join guest hosts Josh Peck and Sharon Gilbert to discuss the epic battles between the fallen gods and YHWH and much more (check the timestamped topics below)! Make sure to visit http://SkyWatchTVstore.com for The Great Inception by Derek P. Gilbert and Reversing Hermon by Dr. Michael S. Heiser.

TOPICS: 0:00 – Introduction
2:07 – Mountains of God and the Fallen
5:10 – The Epic Battle of YHWH and Hercules 9:50 – Fallen Entities and God
14:44 – Ordering Information 19:29 – Web Exclusive Information
20:06 – The Tower of Babel and Cosmic Geography
23:02 – Christians Absolutely Need This
25:20 – The Sin of the Amorites
26:26 – No Protection from our Bibles
28:01 – Conclusion

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