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Welcome to TimetoBelieve.com!

I’ve studied eschatology for decades.  The study of Bible prophecy sparked a hunger that continues to be a part of my life. Prophecy is truly one of the most fascinating topics available for study!

Credit for this web site goes to the hundreds of authors and biblical scholars that have contributed to my passionate study.  My purpose here is not for personal opinion, but to provide you with the latest “chatter” and ideas from the prophetic community and share them here.

In the last year, the Lord has directed me into a study of the deceptive agenda of the enemy.  I have literally been reading and studying multiple topics simultaneously and learning a tremendous amount of information that I think is valuable and worth sharing with a larger audience.

I believe we are in the “last days”.   If you’re new to Biblical prophecy or eschatology, let me clarify that by stating that… this doesn’t mean that the world is going to end with Armageddon.  I do believe we are at the door of the period of time known as “Daniel’s 70th Week” or the “tribulation” period as it is called by many.  I also believe there is a tremendous level of deception all around us. Some by intent, and some by misinformed, good-intentioned individuals. This is a depot of information, and not the final word on prophectic insight.

I am serious about helping prepare the body of Christ in any way possible to be aware of what is coming.  I’m well aware that I am not a prophet, but just an average guy that loves Jesus.

I believe we are on the brink of epic deception, the likes of which the world has never seen.   There is no personal gain for me in maintaining this web site.  I am not promoting my name.  There is no financial gain.  In fact, the development and maintenance of this site is at considerable cost in terms of time, effort and finances.  My only reason for being involved in this at all, is to possibly help people avoid making a catastrophic error in judgment.

This is a work in progress.  It is an work of love.  So, I ask you to be patient with it’s development, and respectful in your comments.   Not all will agree with what is shared here.  But let us all be loving.  Let us keep an open mind.  And let us learn together about the things of the Lord.

Most of the articles and videos here are produced by others, and therefore I do not agree with every comment or theory either.  We need to take in what is being shared, and bring it to the Lord in prayer.  We cannot look to man for the answers.  But God does speak through His people.

The time for decision making is running out.   It’s time to get serious about your faith.  It’s time to get to know the Creator who loves you more than you can comprehend.

It’s Time to Believe… so let’s dig in!

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