Come Out of Babylon

Study by Rob Skiba:

I heard another voice from heaven saying,  “Come out of Babylon, my people, so that you do not participate in her sins and suffer from any of her plagues.– Revelation 18:4

The word Babylon comes up 265 times in a keyword search of the King James Bible or 273 times in the New American Standard Bible. Even just a cursory glance over the various references reveals that Babylon is not a good place to be in. It is associated with captivity and evil. It is the place that was first founded by Nimrod. There he built a tower with the goal of “reaching” into Heaven. After crossing over from this world into the Heavenly realm, his plan was to make war with the angels, overtake the Throne Room, kill God and set up false gods to take His place.   And at least in theory, according to the text – apart from killing God – it would appear that at least some of that may actually have been possible.

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do:  and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do– Genesis 11:6 (KJV)

Babylon was situated on the Euphrates, the original foundation of which is described under the word Babel. Many ancient traditions, credit Nimrod as the builder of both the Tower of Babel and the city. Some say that it was his mother/sister/wife.  Semiramis who was the founder of the city. Others attribute the fame and splendor of it to Nebuchadnezzar. These accounts may all be reconciled, by considering that Nimrod may have founded it. Semiramis possibly rebuilt it after the incident at the Tower of Babel, and then much later Nebuchadnezzar greatly enlarged and adorned it.

Babylon was the Greek name of the city written in the cuneiform script of the Babylonians, bab-ili, which means in Semitic, “the gate of god.” The Hebrews called the country, as well as the city, Babhel. This name they considered came from the’ root, balal, “to confound” (Genesis 11:9).    – International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Thus, Babylon is both “the gate of god” and the place of “confounding.” And so it has been throughout the Scriptures. But Babylon is not so much the “gate of YHVH” as it is rather the “gate(way) of the gods” – the place from which all pagan gods originated in ancient Mesopotamia/Sumeria.

God has used Babylon largely as his place of judgment for the Hebrew nation. When they refused to honor God the way He told them He is to be honored, obeyed and worshiped, He gave them over to the gods they chose over Him. And so it was that they went into exile and captivity.

Behold, the days are coming when all that is in your house, and all that your fathers have laid up in store to this day will be carried to Babylon; nothing shall be left,’ says the LORD. – 2 Kings 20:17 (NASB)

But because our fathers had provoked the God of heaven to wrath, He gave them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, the Chaldean, who destroyed this temple and deported the people to Babylon.  – Ezra 5:12 (NASB)

The Jews spent 70 years there in captivity. Then, finally they came out of Babylon. I believe it is time for us to do the same. Why? Because, unfortunately the Jews carried Babylon with them when they left. They brought back many pagan customs, beliefs and practices from their time there, just as they did when they left Egypt. Those things, customs, ideas and practices became intermingled with the true faith of YHVH and it always got them into trouble. Those traditions brought forth from Babylon were the primary cause of many of the issues that Yeshua had to deal with when confronting the Pharisees and Sadducees of His day. Now, the Church of Yeshua has basically gone done the same thing. Many of the traditions and practices of the Christian Church today are rooted in pagan Babylon.

On top of that, as you will soon see, so too has our own country been founded on things that originated not with the God of the Bible, but rather with the gods that came from Babylon. My goal is to show you some of the things I believe we need to take a serious look at within or government, within our churches and ultimately within ourselves.

It’s time we come out of Babylon!

Let’s start with a discussion about our country, its government and some current events. Most of you were probably taught that America was founded as a Christian Nation. I know I was. People like David Barton travel around the country trying to convince us that our Founding Fathers were Christians and/or upheld strong Christian values. But what he shows in his Wall Builders‘ presentation is only partially true. There is a much darker side to our nation’s founders and heritage that he does not show. Since most of you have probably already seen and read the sorts of things that he promotes concerning our Founding Fathers, I won’t go over that here. But for a more balanced view, I would encourage you to watch Chris Pinto’s documentary, The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers.

I believe America will have much to answer for in these Last Days. Our leaders have had Luciferian agendas planned from day one of her founding. And we as a people may be held accountable for supporting our nation’s leaders with our campaign contributions, time and endorsing votes. We both allow and perpetuate our own slavery by continuing to play along with their game. Thus, we are enslaved because we want to be!

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the whole facade of supposedly electing presidents who are “of the people, by the people, for the people.” That simply is not true. If it were, let me ask you (once again) what are the statistical odds that 43 out of 44 of our Presidents would all be related to each other – many of them tracing directly back to the same man (King John Lackland of the House of Plantagenet)?

This seems to me more like we have presidents who are “of the Illuminati, by the Masons, for the Elite” and our votes are meaningless exercises in futility that only keep us all stuck in the matrix we allowed ourselves to become enslaved by through our own ignorance in continuing to play their game. I am not saying that to be insulting. I’m saying that as someone who was once just as ignorant of these facts as nearly everyone else in this country. Thus, I wonder if the following warning could not also apply to us:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. – Hosea 4:6 (NASB)

A lot of this is new to me and came as a result of all the intense research I’ve been doing for this book series over the past year. Prior to that, I was quite politically active. But the last few elections caused me to start questioning a lot of things concerning our so-called election system.

I used to go to Tea Party rallies and was a huge supporter of Ron Paul. He spoke my language and said a lot of things I believe in. But after what happened to him last time around (like the media completely pushing him out in spite of a very large support base), I began to realize that we live in a two party dictatorship, that always boils our “choices” down to only two individuals that appear to be hand-picked by “someone” other than the American people. Take the last election for instance. On the one hand, you have Ron Paul, a well established, long time Congressman with an easily verifiable track-record of active politcs since 1976. And no one in the mainstream media paid any attention to him.

On the other hand, you have Obama – a guy who literally came out of nowhere, posing as the Democrat’s Messiah! No one even knew who he was less than a decade ago and all of a sudden he swoops in and takes the stage? And I won’t even go into the real issues concerning his birth certificate!

The last few elections left me very cynical and quite jaded about the whole system. I began to search for answers. And the conclusion I came to was that, in spite of what the mainstream press would have us believe, Democrats and Republicans are really playing for the same team, just with different logos on their shirts. Either one will get the job done for the Elite that placed them in front of us as a candidate. What team are they playing for?

Taking a look around Washington DC, you’ll see the following:

While it appears that the last line is a quote from Scripture, look at the context. That’s ZEUS standing there with his fire and lightning bolts! The entire roofis lined with pagan gods and similar quotes.

On to the Capitol Building. When you enter through the visitor center doors, you’re greeted by the original sculpture that was the basis for the bronze Statue of Freedom (aka Columbia/Liberty/Isis/Ishtar/Semiramis… the Queen of Heaven) which is perched on top of the Capitol dome.

If you sign up for the standard tour, the first thing is to watch the video documentary on how and when the Capitol was built. It starts out by calling it the “Temple of Liberty”.  Ummm… last time I checked, temples are for gods. Are they telling us right up front that this building is a temple? Well, the first thing you see upon entering is the Queen of Heaven. Hmmmmm. Keep in mind that DC stands for “District of Columbia,” which essentially means our capital is the domain of Isis/Ishtar/Semiramis – the mother, half-sister and wife of Nimrod! She was the driving force behind deifying Nimrod and establishing the mystery religions of the world and the corruption of the true faith of YHVH as well. After having incest with her father (Cush), she produced a son (Nimrod) whom she later married and gave birth to Tammuz – thus forming the original un-holy trinity upon which both Christmas and Easter are really based!

She truly is the “Whore of Babylon” spoken of in the Book of Revelation. And we named our capital city after her? Nice. Yeah, well hang on folks – it gets worse.


You can read about the Apotheosis of George Washington in Tom Horn’s book, Apollyon Rising 2012.   Many of us have seen that painting  a number of times before – but didn’t know what we were looking at.  But this time you get to see it with eyes wide open!

Upon entering the rotunda, you see a bunch of statues of presidents and other folk all around the room. The floor level paintings are the ones people like David Barton want to show off depicting various patriotic and Christian? scenes. That’s all nice and wonderful. But the further up you look, the more sinister it gets.

There is a ring around the base of the dome depicting a fresco of American history. Starting with Columbus and going all the way around, we see various scenes of American history. But if you pay attention, shortly after and to the right of the Columbus scene, you will see this image:

Why is this scene depicted as an integral part of American history? And the iconography is very interesting. Take the serpent wrapped around the pole with flames on top for instance. That image shows up quite a bit actually. More on that shortly.

Continue to gaze upward past the ring of 72 pentagrams, and on into “the womb of Isis” as Tom Horn would say. Sure enough, there is  George Washington seated as a god in Heaven! But if this was indeed a Christian nation, should we not expect to see Biblical figures surrounding George? Like oh I don’t know… say, Jesus, Abraham, Moses, the Apostles, or angels like Gabriel and Michael maybe? No. That’s not what you’ll see.   What you will indeed see is Neptune, Vulcan, Venus, Minerva and Mercury, the messenger of the gods – and our Founding Fathers seated at his feet taking notes!

That picture was painted and was finished in 1865. The year Lincoln was killed.  He was the first president to undergo the Lying in State ceremony in this room. And every other deceased president since Lincoln has had their coffin placed here in the center of the room for public viewing and mourning as well.

Apotheosis means, “ascension into godlikeness” or to “exalt one to a divine level” – in short, the word refers to a man becoming a god! This is a philosophy that originated with the promises of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, continued in Babylon, was perfected in Egypt and lives on to this day… apparently in our own Capitol Building.

“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

– Genesis 3:5 (NIV)

Through what amounts to an occult ceremony, we send our dead presidents through the portal of Isis’ womb to join George in apotheosis.

If that sounds a little too far fetched, directly under the “dome room” is an area known as “The Crypt.” That took me by surprise, so I asked, “The Crypt? Who’s buried here?” The tour guide smiled and said, “No one. I guess they just liked the name.” Yeah right

As you can see, the room is laid out in a rather interesting fashion. The small room contains 40 Doric columns, which support the floor above. In the middle of the room, directly below the center of the Capitol Dome, on the floor is a rose cross compass. This is apparently the center of Washington, DC. Supposedly, from what I understand, below that is Washington’s empty tomb (he’s buried at Mount Vernon). One can’t help but wonder – if this is true – that the “empty tomb” has other esoteric meaning.

The president after whom our capital city was named is very much treated and depicted as a god. In fact, at one time this sculpture was also meant to be in the Capitol Temple… oh! I mean Building:

This pose is virtually identical to that of Zeus in the Temple of Zeus, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. This also just so happens to be the same pose as Baphomet, the goat-god of the occult. So, what are we to make of this? Christian nation? I think not.

You move on from there to the room that used to be the original meeting place for the House of Representatives. Once again you’ll be greeted by the Queen of Heaven extending her hand with a scroll in it. But check out the picture below and notice what is positioned on both sides of her. An eagle and a snake (two creatures that don’t usually play well together).


Remember the snake around the column I mentioned earlier? Well this one is a feathered snake! The Aztecs predicted that their feathered snake god, Quetzacoatl (aka Kukulcan and Gukumatz) would return in 2012. Here we have a feathered snake in the original meeting place of the House of Representatives and in the other room we have that painting of the famous Mayan calendar that ends in 2012. What’s going on here?  What does the snake represent you ask? “Wisdom.”

Wasn’t it the Serpent in the Garden who promised wisdom to Adam and Eve if they only disobeyed God? I find it interesting that both Thoth of the Egyptians and Hermes/Mercury of the Greeks/Romans were also known as the wise messenger of the gods, who practiced and taught writing, astrology, magic and alchemy. Thus, some think that Quetzacoatl, Thoth and Hermes are all one and the same. And we just saw Hermes hanging out next door in the Capitol Dome.

When you consider that the Biblical Greek word for “angel” is simply a messenger, this all starts to come together and make sense. It’s Lucifer: the “angel (messenger) of the gods” that we’re talking about here! He is the chief of all false gods and he and his cronies are all over our Capitol Building!

And not far away, you have the massive phallic symbol of Osiris (the 666 inch x 666 inch x 6660inch high Washington Monument) sticking up like middle finger directed at the One True God of Heaven and Earth. And not far from that, we have the Temple of Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson’s Pantheon – all of which stand within view of the All-Seeing-Eye of the 333ft tall Masonic Temple.

America, we need to wake up! We allow outright pagan worship to take place in the halls of government and streets of our capital city by both our ignorance and our silence. And I say that pointing my finger at you, with three more pointing back at me. But I don’t believe we can afford to be ignorant and silent anymore.

Make no mistake, there is an evil agenda at work and America is leading the way in making it happen. What am I talking about? I now strongly believe that America’s sole purpose has been to bring about the rise of Babylon and the return of the Anti-Christ! My trip to DC only reinforced that belief. Remember the Scripture I focused on toward the end of that chapter blog?

For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

– Matthew 24:28 (KJV)

The eagle has always been a symbol for world empires. It is of course the primary symbol here in the United States. It’s all over our government buildings. It’s on top of our flags. And it’s on our military uniforms, top to bottom. Eagles are everywhere!

One more site to see… with two pillars, each with a large metal eagle perched on top. Those two eagles stand high above a very peculiar statue known as The Awakening. This statue is of a giant, bearded god rising up out of the sand in the National Harbor.

“The Awakening?” Just who or what are we awakening?

It is my belief that we will be the driving force behind the resurrection of Nimrod. I also believe that was the primary reason we went to Iraq in the first place – one month after archeologists digging in her deserts sands claimed to have found the tomb of Gilgamesh – just four years after the secret chambers of Osiris'(empty) tomb were found in Egypt.

Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

– Matthew 24:25-28 (KJV)

In a recent interview on Omegaman Radio, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle talked about the discovery of that carcase. At about 1 hour and 27 minutes into the interview they begin talking about how Nimrod “began to become” a giant. They then started talking about the discovery of Gilgamesh’s remains. Regarding confirmation of that, Steve said:

“I talked to a Special Operations general who validated that, verified that and absolutely was there when Gilgamesh’s remains – and his words were, ‘He was in a state of remarkable preservation.’ OK? And by the way, that was in the literal vicinity of where the United States built its largest military complex, I believe it’s one of the largest military complexes in the world. In that whole area. The advance team – Special Operations went in there to grab all of that stuff…

What I’m telling you is based on a multi-starred general’s eye-witness report to me who was there. He said, ‘They have Gilgamesh’s remains.’ So if they have Gilgamesh and he is Nimrod, they got it. And the whole point was to extract the DNA. And I’ve also been told that the whole point… of the human genome project… is to locate specific genetic markers for the disembodied spirits to reanimate their host body that’s brought back.”

I will write a lot more about the DNA issue in the next book, Babylon Rising: The Return of the Nephilim. Needless to say, I believe that is indeed the real reason we went and stayed in Iraq for the better part of the last decade. And the fact that our troops are now coming out of Babylon tells me that they have accomplished whatever it was they needed to do… which makes me wonder what (or who) else may be coming out of Babylon with them.

In any case, make no mistake, in the grander scheme of things – the big picture if you will – I am certain our work there is not yet done. So, let’s go ahead and look now at the current withdrawal of our military presence there to see if we can determine what might happen next.

Back in September, as the draw down moved forward, the Huffington Post wrote an article telling us that the U.S. is leaving behind over 250 million dollars worth of equipment, vehicles and even entire military bases (505 to be exact)!

There were 505 U.S. military bases and outposts in Iraq at the height of operations, said Col. Barry Johnson, a spokesman for U.S. forces in Iraq. Only 39 are still in U.S. hands — but that includes each of the largest bases, meaning the most significant handovers are yet to come.

Those bases didn’t come cheap. Construction costs exceeded $2.4 billion, according to an analysis of Pentagon annual reports by the Congressional Research Service. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers alone was responsible for $1.9 billion in base construction contracts between 2004 and 2010, a spokesman told HuffPost.

Rather than strip those bases clean and ship everything home, Defense Department officials tell The Huffington Post that over 2.4 million pieces of equipment worth a total of at least $250 million — everything from tanks and trucks to office furniture and latrines — have been given away to the Iraqi government in the past year, with the pace of transfers expected to increase dramatically in the coming months.  – Huffington Post

So are they telling us that it is more expensive to ship our equipment home than it is to replace it? I think not. What that really tells me is we essentially armed both our former enemies as well as the coming forces of the Anti-Christ with all sorts of nice toys ready to go for when Nimrod settles back into his home town! And if Iraq decides to team up with the Arab League and/or Iran under the banner of Islam in the near future, Israel could be in a lot of trouble!

On the Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site, we find:

  • We are reaching out to our neighbors and the Arab countries through participation in multilateral forums, including the Arab League, and by encouraging regional cooperation based on our historical cultural ties and geographical proximity. Iraq can be a positive factor for regional stability and a friendly, peaceful country that respects national interests and understands the security concerns of our neighbors, with whom we are in dialogue to resolve pending issues including prisoners of war, refugees, compensation claims and water and border issues.
  • Iraq remains committed to its Islamic identity and, as the home of some of Islam’s holiest sites, we are establishing procedures for religious tourism and promoting cultural exchange.

All of that sounds very sweet, but I wonder how they can remain peaceful toward Israel and loyal to Islam at the same time. Seems like an oxymoron to me. Especially since Islam’s stated objective through cleric after cleric and dictator after dictator has been to wipe Israel off the map. I also don’t think for one minute that any of that would come as a shock or surprise to our current leaders in Washington, DC if such an attempt were made. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that this was the plan all along.

An Iraqi journalist asks about U.S. military help for Iraq in the years ahead.

Al-Maliki says he spoke with Obama about “the need for weapons.”

Obama says he seeks to help “a sovereign Iraq” protect its people and its borders; says military cooperation will be similar to that given to other nations.

Obama also notes that the U.S. Embassy in Iraq will be bigger than others, but only because the security demands are so different.

Indeed. We didn’t do all that we did in Iraq for the last 9 years only to leave everything behind and hand over all control to the Iraqis. No. Our troops may be leaving, but the United States will always have a strong handle on whatever happens there.

“Our goal simply is to make sure Iraq succeeds,” Obama says. –

I’ll bet it is! America’s plan has always been to be sure Iraq (Babylon) succeeds! But how and why? In the following White House Press Conference, Obama introduced Prime Minister Maliki as “the elected leader of a sovereign, self-reliant and democratic Iraq.”

Obama speaks about how the U.S. military mission in Iraq is ending, and the two nations are now turning the page to “a new chapter” in their relationship. He predicts a bright economic future for Iraq, with American assistance; he also offered the kind of security assistance that the U.S. provides to other allies.

“I pledged to end this war responsibly,” Obama says. “After nearly nine years, our war in Iraq ends this month.”

Now, Obama pledges “an equal partnership” and “a broad relationship” with the new Iraq.

Brings us right back to the city of Washington DC… and the image that greets you at the capitol building:

None other than the Roman god, Mars – who was the GOD OF WAR! And we wonder why our nation seems to have been at war in some form or another ever since its founding (which came as a result of the Revolutionary War).

Mars was said to have been the father of Romulus and Remus; the first of the two being credited with forming the early Roman Empire, with Rome being named after himself. That empire has never died. It lives on in nearly every way through the United States of America. If you want to look for a “Revived Roman Empire” in Biblical prophecy, look no further. If you live in the good ol’ U.S. of A., you are standing in it. And the proof is all over Washington, DC!

For nearly 25% of her short history, America has been engaged in active war. But keep in mind that in addition to the above major “war titles” we have also been engaged in numerous “police actions, skirmishes and covert operations” all over the world in between and during those wars as well. And in the process, we’ve been setting up both military bases and embassies in all of these countries, acting as “champions of liberty” and the “world’s policemen.” We are everywhere! And with President Bush’s declared “War on Terror” we will always be at war! Why? Because that is a war not against a people group or nation, but rather against an idea… and it will never end! Indeed, the god of war rules this country!

The Romans called him Mars. To the Greek, he was known as Ares. They were known as gods of war. Who else had that title? The more ancient Sumerian god, Ninurta did too. And in Sumer and Akkad, Ninurta (derived from Ningursu) was the god of the constellation which became known as Orion. So, could it be that all of these are just various incarnations or titles for Nimrod – the mighty hunter?

We’ve already looked at the various “mighty hunters” that Nimrod has appeared as throughout the centuries and different cultures. So, regardless of whether there is a direct tie between Mars and Nimrod, they are both of the same warring spirit. Nimrod was the first god-king-warrior to rule the world after the Flood. All other legends and myths concerning gods, depicting the same attributes can be traced back to him. And that sort of iconography can be seen all over our nation’s capital city.

Why do we believe the things we are told in mainstream media?

The Secret Societies that orchestrate these wars love to use Nimrod’s mystical iconography on everything, because they know they are very powerful tools. Just turn over your dollar bill and there you’ll see his all seeing eye watching you. There is power in such iconography because they are symbols. Symbols conceal for those who don’t have eyes to see and they reveal for those who do have eyes to see. And we carry them around in our pockets all the time. They are flashed on screen and in print everywhere we look. We simply can not get away from it. But once your eyes are opened to seeing, you will indeed be able to see through the lies.

If we do not learn to truly see, the Elite will continue to play us all for fools – civilian and service personnel alike. For instance, in order to keep us all fighting and killing, there must be a “face of evil” for us to go after. For the past two decades or so, one of those faces was that of Osama bin Laden. That face has been the primary, motivating force behind the whole “War on Terror” – as if this one man could orchestrate all the terror in the world. Indeed, his image has been a powerful tool in the hands of the Elite for keeping America at war.

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