The world has had many catastrophic events. However, the most severe of all may be the misunderstanding of our past.

From the very beginning, there has been a battle taking place in the spiritual world. One that has manifested on earth over the course of history. If you are inclined to search for the deeper things in life, you will enjoy T2B.
However, our goal is to help you understand the correct version of history and prepare for what is coming.

Let’s start with some of the misconceptions and deceptions of the past:

Most ancient cultures document contact with what they called “the gods”. The ancient Sumerian’s believed in “gods’ from the stars who came with advanced knowledge and ruled the earth as kings. They called them Anunnaki, or “those who from heaven came”. Their visits correlate to a fly-by of a heavy mass object (planet or other body) they called Nibiru. These visitors also make up the foundations of what we mistakenly believed to be “mythology”.

Repeatedly, all over the world, civilizations did not slowly evolve, but rather rapidly came into knowledge… and just as rapidly collapsed into nothingness. Science is finally coming to the conclusion that mankind was not primative. But, rather, in many areas of the world… extremely advanced. The evidence points to extreme knowledge coming immediately, rather than evolving over time.

If we look back to Genesis, we know that what the Sumerians were describing was actually the “fallen angels” and their genetically created hybrids called the “nephilim” or the “giants” of old. The fact that there is a catastrophic misunderstanding of this is leading mankind down the wrong path. The “visitors” that came are not extra-terrestrial (ET’s), but rather intra-dimensional beings (fallen angels, or the demonic).

This is setting up a horrible deception the bible speaks of. During the end days, man will “believe a lie”, and “depart from the faith”. The deception is so great that “even the elect will be deceived”.

It is critically important for you to understand this story of corruption, and the effect of the fallen angelic and the Nephilim in the course of human history. If you don’t… you are setting yourself up for a coming deception. The nephilim return during end times.

From the creation of the world, the enemy with the fallen angels began to tinker with DNA. It happened virtually immediately when the fallen angels began their plan to manipulate the DNA of mankind so that Christ could not have been born. The bible states the angles “left their first estate” and “came to earth”. In other words, they chose to rebel against God, led by Lucifer, and chose to shed their heavenly suits to mingle with mankind.

“–When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they took any of them they chose. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.–” GEN 6

It is also the reason for the Flood of Noah. God saw that the DNA line was so corrupted (the Bible says the fallen angels “sinned” against not only humans, but also animals, birds and reptiles) that he had to wipe the slate clean, destroying animals (except a pure few on the ark) and all but one family. Why was Noah saved? It wasn’t because he was without sin… it was because, as the bible states he was “perfect in his generations”. In other words, he still had untainted DNA and could re-populate the earth.

However, the Word also says the nephilim were around before the flood…. “and also after”. One of the main purposes behind this T2B web site is to try and discover and research that one phrase… “and also after”.

If the Bible states that an illusion, a deception, is coming… that is so great and terrible that virtually all non-believers will buy into it… and even the “elect” (those who know God and have a relationship with him) may be deceived… What would that deception possibly look like? What would the return of the nephilim look like in our day?

What would cause mankind to virtually immediately drop their faith in God? What would they “see” that would be so convincing that they buy into, as the bible states, these “lying wonders”?

We are at the point in human history when all of this is about to take place. It begins with financial collapse and war. It is compounded by natural disasters. It leads to famine, disease, and death. And in the nick of time… a “false savior” arrives with hoards of the “nephilim” to deceive mankind with “answers” to all our problems (and the lie about where we actually came from).

Will you buy into the lie? Or will you know in advance what the Lord has warned you about? Come on people… it’s time to believe!

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