The Rapture is the snatching away of believers during the Tribulation. There is debate over the timing of this event. Some say it happens at the start of the Tribulation, some say it occurs in the middle, and still others claim it happens at the end.

Most Christians have believed in a pre-trib rapture.  However, Jesus was the first to be resurrected and He actually was on earth for a time with His resurrected body before he went to be with the Father. There are scriptures that indicate believers may be “hidden” from judgment during the tribulation… but perhaps we’re still here up until some point. I feel the misunderstanding aroung this significant prophectic topic will play into the hands of Satan. May prophetic people are seeing a “false rapture” created by the enemy. In any event, we need to be prepared for any/all options and take everything to the Lord in prayer!

The Bible states that the dead in Christ will rise first (those who have previously died but who believed in Jesus) this will be the resurrection promised by Jesus for all believers. The Bible goes on to say those (believers) who are alive and remain will be caught up with Him (Jesus) to meet the Lord in the air. DO NOT confuse this with Christ’s second coming at the end of the tribulation. He will first come to get the believers, and will later return with the believers to battle at armageddon and to establish the permanent home for the 1000 years.

Understand that there are two theaters going on at the same time … one in heaven and one on earth. The reason for taking away the believers is so that the coronation and the marriage supper of the lamb can be celebrated. Once again, if we look at the Jewish festivals, we can understand what will be happening here.

The Jewish Wedding Festival

The meaning behind this ceremony in regards to our future and God’s gift to us is such a beautiful festival, we really should not try to explain it all in one page. If you have the time, you may want to study more on this festival to understand the deeper meaning behind it… but here is the condensed version.

When a Jewish couple wish to marry, the groom’s father approaches the girl’s father with a proposal and complete marriage plans. The two men agree on a price to be paid (a dowry) and the agreement is sealed with a toast of wine.

The future bride enters the room and the groom asks her to be his bride. This is her decision, and hers alone. She can accept this groom and proposal, or she may not. If she does, validation of the couple’s agreement is a gift given by the groom. He has to offer it in the presence of at least 2 witnesses and say “behold you are consecrated unto me with this gift according to the laws of Moses and Israel”.

A written contract is made listing the times, dates, places and celebrations in preparation for the marriage. This “ketubach” was kept in the bride’s possession until consummation of the marriage. The first part of this 2 part ceremony then concludes with a toast of wine with the witnesses.

The groom then departs and assures his bride of his promise to build a home for her and return to get her for the ceremony. The bride did not know when this would be. She could know when it was near, however. It usually took a year to prepare her new home which was traditionally an addition built on his own father’s house. The bride was to remain true and lived for the day of his return. The impending return of the groom was to influence her behavior and actions during the wait. At the return of the groom, members announced the arrival with a loud shout as he is seen approaching the house with torches of fire.

Rather than the groom entering the bride’s house, the bride was to stop everything and go to meet him instead. The couple and wedding party return to the groom’s home for the marriage ceremony. After their consummation (a 7 day period), the bride was unveiled to the guests and they live their future together in the father’s house.

This is HUGE. I hope a light went off in your brain.

Now even if you only have slight experience with the Bible, I think you may be able to see some significance here. Remember, this wedding festival was practiced long before Christ was alive, and long before the Bible was in print, yet the Bible and events that happened 1000 years later correspond to even the smallest details of this celebration. Remember, these festivals teach us about the past, they show us what to do in the present, and they have a prophetic application as well.

Just as the dowry (price) was decided. God the Father told us that he would send his son to pay the “price” for all of us. The Bible states “for you are bought with a price”. After the “plan” was established, a proposal of salvation was given to all mankind in a written ketubach (the Bible). Just like the wedding festival’s book, it contains events, times, dates and specifics regarding God’s future appointments with man.

The “plan” was sealed when Jesus lifted a glass of wine in the presence of his witnesses . Are you seeing the big picture? There is more… Jesus said he would go to prepare a place for us IN HIS FATHER’S HOUSE and would return again for his bride (believers). This arrangement was secured by the Holy Spirit who protects the “purchased bride” until Christ”s return. When the groom (Jesus) returns for his bride (believers), he will come with a shout and note this: the bride (believers) will be caught up together to meet him, just as it happens in the Jewish wedding! The bible then tells us there will be the marriage celebration in heaven (for a period of 7) which will correspond to the tribulation on earth. At the end of the celebration (and end of the tribulation period) Christ will return with his bride (the raptured believers) to “unveil” her before those witnesses on earth. Rev 19:7 “Let us rejoice and give honor to Him, for the marriage of the lamb is come, and his wife has made herself ready”.

You see, bible prophecy is not so mysterious if we have the information to work with! I hope you will read this page a second time if this is new to you. The end of the Tribulation and return of Christ centers around this beautiful wedding festival.

The question might be:  Does the wedding period of “7” correspond to 7 years on earth or 7 days?  This could give us clarification for a pre-trib or post-trib or pre-wrath rapture.

Remember, the believers in Christ will be taken away at the time of the rapture. This will probably set the stage for the other events that take place. This will no doubt be the most tramatic event in all of human history. The events that follow a Pre-Trib model seem to make the most sense. People disapper, the world is in fear and chaos. Along with the trumpet judgements, war, famine, pestilences result. Anti-Christ is brought to power. Christ returns with believers (a period of ‘7’) 7 years later at the end of the Tribulation.

On the other hand, who would be on earth to do the Father’s work of healings, etc if the body of believers is gone?

There is some evidence to suggest that the Rapture will be explained to those left behind as an alien abduction. Some texts do refer to a deception so great that even those that will become believers (during the trib) will be confused. This view promotes a demonic deception of extraterrestrial life and explains the rapture as a ‘cleansing of the earth’ of intollerant people.

Or…. is there a “false rapture” by the enemy and the “real rapture” happens later? Hmmmm…

It is likely that the Nephilim are a part of the end time deception.   If you saw “aliens” arrive in crafts, and they said they were the ones that seeded our planet and created life here, they explain the tales of old, how the great wonders of the world were built, etc etc… it would be pretty convincing.  Unless you know in advance that these entities are not extraterrestrial, but interdimensional, and are indeed part of the fallen angel agenda.

Can you imagine the chaos that will occur when people physically disappear from earth? This will be the most glorious day for believers, but a day of horror for those left behind. If you picture every believer gone from the face of the earth, you can imagine the explanations given for the missing.

The Bible states ‘men’s hearts will fail them’ looking at those things which come to pass.  Now is the time to be getting your spiritual house in order.  If you don’t know the Lord, please consider the “Preparation” topic links and do not delay.



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