Sodom & Gomorrah

Back in the 70’s, the Jordanian officials started to see a mass of ancient artifacts come on the black market. It turns out these items came from an isolated area of the dead sea. When the government began to study… not only did they find more artifacts… they found 5 lost cities! These include Sodom and Gomorrah.

What might be more fascinating… they also discovered the cities were destroyed by fire and brimstone!
Scientists have concluded that the earth split open as it sits on a giant rift… fire and brimstone (gaseous hydrocarbons) burst up into the atmosphere, ignited with the oxygen and then rained down on 5 cities in the region. Horrible fires resulted as the area is filled with tar like pits everywhere. The entire city of Sodom literally fell/sank several hundred feet. [BTW: If you read Ezek 38 you will find that God may use this technique again in the future].

Archeologists have found the city gates, crushed graves, towers, a temple, the city’s water supply, thick city walls, and the fact that half of Sodom sunk over 300 feet.

You can’t help but feel a big angry seeing how none of this info gets reported in our media. There is definitely a purposeful strategy to never discuss anything that relates to God or the Bible. Do you realize that these new discoveries make the biblical account 100% accurate? When will people learn?!

Apologist and researcher John Mittendorf finishes his series on Advanced Ancient Technology and talks about the most recent apparent discovery of Sodom & Gomorrah.

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