Is Planet X Biblical?

BY: Gill Broussard

Is Planet-7X Real & Is It Biblical?

My main focus is to inform viewers of new findings in the field of Biblical astronomy and how these resulting anomalies correlate to biblical records. Three years of research along with astronomical software models of each event that have a repeating overlay to a depth and degree to which the data cross-validated itself was beyond expectations! Videos Include Charts, graphs and other data supporting the existence of a “mystery planet” which I call Planet-7X (for 7 times Earth’s diameter).

There is very strong evidence indicating it’s IMMINENT END TIME APPEARANCE.

Summary of Events of Planet X

Noah’s Flood Event & Planet X
This illustration will attempt to show how Noah flood was a real event, from two separate meteor showers 150 days apart. I will also attempt to show how certain land features and anomalies were created at this time. I will also show how the model explains how the Moon was created.

Joshua’s Long Day & Planet X
This illustration shows how the day was extended by twelve hours in “Joshua’s long day”. When Planet-7X (7xEarth Diameter) passed between the Earth and Moon, the electromagnetic plasma field gradually interfered with the electromagnetic energy flowing from the Sun to the Earth’s poles. The Earth’s magnetosphere protected them in part from the plasma’s harmful effects, but the electromagnetic energy field the Earth needs to rotate on its axis will gradually diminish, and then stops and the rotation will not restart until it travels past the plasma field of Planet-7X. The Biblical example tells us of a 12 hour regular day, with a 12 hour extended day of daylight; that is a total of 24 hours of effect on the Earth’s rotation, from deceleration to accelerating back to its normal rate of rotation.

A illustration of Joshua’s Long Day, shown in a more modern setting, depicts the visual effects and the perspective that Joshua and his 30-40,000 troops witnessed that day. Using the 50/1 ratio of the visual effect of Planet-7X (7 x Earth’s diameter), traveling at a distance from Earth of 70% of the distance between the Moon and Earth.
This is also what the Bible alludes to in the book of Revelation and Luke on the latter days as Abaddon (The Destroyer).

A physics professor after seeing this video stated “This is the first time that anyone has been able to give a logical explanation, on how the Earth can physically slow down for twelve hours as stated in the book of Joshua.”

60 Reference Points
I feel that this book “Worlds in Collision” adds references from ancient manuscripts to support the Planet-7X theory. It shows that in Earth ancient pass that we went through some catastrophic events. It appears that Earth possibly had one pole reversal, and several tilt adjustments along with meteorite showers, tidal-waves, land tides etc… associated with Planet-7X near flyby.

The Earth Tilted: King Hezekiah
This illustration will attempt to show how the shadow moved ten steps for King Hezekiah. When Planet-7X (7 x Earth Diameter) passed between the Earth and Moon.

Earth North pole had a magnetic attraction to Planet-7X as it passed near Earth, effectively causing the tilt of 26-28 deg.

Yeshua Jesus on the Cross
This illustration shows a logical explanation on how the three hour of darkness during Y’shua sacrifice was possible.
When Planet-7X (7 x Earth Diameter) passed between the Earth and Sun.

Using astronomical software I have reconstructed a model of this event using a mid-August to mid-September entry point along with a exit point of mid-March to mid-April holding a 150 day separation and with a distance from Earth of 823,146 miles. The model proves out the exact three hours of darkness as the Biblical eyewitness account documented.

Planet X & The Seals of Revelation
Planet-X is the main event of the great Tribulation in the book of Revelation. There is strong Biblical merit with the eye witness accounts that tie it to multiple main event’s in the Torah and Bible.

Planet X Path Through Our Solar System
A model can be created from documented eye witness accounts referenced in ancient manuscripts of Chinese astronomers, Hebrew sources from Torah and ancient accounts in the Bible. We can extrapolate from these eye witness accounts the necessary parameters to construct such a model.

My intent was to prove or disprove such a planet existed! To my surprise, the evidence does exist in ancient manuscripts of such a planet.

The model cannot confirm the year it can only be done by a sighting. It will appear in the night sky to the general public as the largest and brightest object in the sky. The constellation of “Job’s Coffin” will point to it’s location on the ecliptic (planetary plain), this will occur in December on the day of Hanukkah (Feast of Lights). The software model can only give us an estimate that it is near. The Earth will intersect the orbital path of this Planet in the month or week of passover, and then a second time 150 days later, this is the same documented and repeated occurrence of a dozen or more times throughout history.

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