History became Legend, and Legend became Myth
The world as we know it may not be as we’ve been told. From the Genesis, there has been an enemy at work who has done everything within his power to deceive mankind, corrupt the plans of God, and create distruction.

Unfortunately, organized religion has played a part in the deception. Purposely keeping information from the public and in some cases, outright deceiving the masses.

As believers, we are to search the scriptures and bring everything to the Lord in prayer. There are many good intentioned people that ended up being dead wrong. T2B does not push a particular doctrine, but we’re trying to bring some topics to light that haven’t been discussed properly in the world of the church.

Corruption of the Past

The main purpose of T2B is to help us all learn the truth and avoid deception. Not only of those things in the past, but also those things which are coming upon the earth as provided in the Biblical texts. It is critical that we know and understand how to use the tools the Lord has given us, but to also know our enemy, and the tactics he uses to twart our good intentions.

Satan has tried many times throughout history to mingle his seed with men. He started in the Garden and through the Days of Noah, which resulted in God destroying the angelic-human hybrids (Nephilim) in the Flood (Genesis 6). The Bible says in Genesis 6:9 that only Noah, and perhaps by extension, his children, were found “perfect” in their generations. The meaning was not that Noah was morally perfect, but that his physical makeup (DNA) had not been contaminated with Nephilim seed. One doesn’t need to read too far into Genesis to find out that something horrible happened… and it has affected all of mankind to this very day.

There are many stories of the “…im” and “…in” nephilim-types throughout the Bible, but for some reason it was not a topic the church wanted to discuss.

This is part of the story of humanity corrupted by dark forces of spiritual wickedness in the heavens. They broke God’s law by descending into this dimension to mate with humans, producing a mutant race called, “giants.” These were nephilim, Hebrew for “the fallen ones.” They were unclean and genetically corrupt creatures whose total preoccupation was evil in all imaginable forms.

God determined that they were irredeemable; they had to be destroyed. “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” Noah was a just man and (genealogically and genetically) perfect. The Lord brought him through the judgment flood to start a new race. We need to understand, Noah and his family were NOT without sin. Noah himself had a clean DNA line from Adam. Mankind was destroyed because of the tainted seed and the influence that evil had on the entire world. The human race was being polluted by this abominable union with the fallen angels.

The corruption didn’t end there, as the Bible states the fallen also “sinned against birds, animals and reptiles”. Satan has been involved in a hybrid program of DNA corruption from the beginning of the world.

And perhaps shocking to some, it continues today…

“There were Nephilim in the land in those days… and also afterwards”. And, as we enter into the end of days, “As it was in Noah’s time, so shall it be at the coming of the son of man”.

It is critically important that you understand what happened, and what is coming so you are not deceived.
T2B hopes to bring some of the current research out into the open for study and discernment. Follow the heading sublinks, and also the blog entries which are categorized by date and topic.

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