Cosmic War

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Even though the enemy is waging a war against the Lord and His creation, the Lord is always one step ahead of the game. What was Lucifer up to in the garden? How does the birth, death, resurrection of Jesus provide the answer. This video goes deep, and is one of the best we’ve heard on the subject.

In this episode Justen Faull and B.D.K. discuss the details of the multi-dimensional cosmic war from ancient days to modernity. The study includes prehistory Eden and the angelic rebellion, the War of the seeds and prophetic fulfillment, The veil between the 3rd & 4th dimension and demonic inhabitants, end-times temple mount theories and the Abomination of the Antichrist, as well as the extra-dimensional biological make-up of the Nephilim and the conspiracy behind their hybrid creation.

[Video 1:16]


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