Easter Bunnies & Eggs… Or Not?

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The Lord has been working with me over several years with the biblical verse that asks us to “Come out of Babylon” and therefore avoid the plagues she will receive. As we’re living in the last days, it is so important to be living by the Spirit and trying to rid our lives of things we have done in the past… in the name of tradition.


One of these traditions is Easter. I’m getting to the point I can barely stomach when I hear someone say “Happy Easter”, or in Church (of ALL places) I hear the Pastor say “Join us for the children’s Easter egg contest after services, I just cringe. How terribly sad to me. And what an abomination that people are ignorant about. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Do you actually realize the Pastor is really saying “Join us for the children’s pagan sex goddess ritual which celebrates child sacrifice”.

Some of us have heard the “hints” of what might be wrong with these pagan festivals…. but golly, we try to paint on a pretty face and do them on church property to “christianize” them a bit more. And, golly, I don’t practice paganism… I believe in Jesus… so it must be OK, right?

Well the Lord has one command for us regarding this: “Come Out of Banbylon”

Why the Bunny? Why the Easter Eggs? Why a egg laying Easter bunny? Why ham at the meal?

The Lord wants you to STOP, and take inventory. Ask yourself “why am I doing these things? Could they be harmful? Could they be limiting my ability to do spiritual battle when I need to fight the things that come against me and my family? Am I blessing or cursing the very child I brought into the world?

It’s time to get serious. I know we’re Americans, so our attention span might be 10mins vs 60 minutes. Regardless of how you feel… WATCH AT LEAST ONE of these videos BEFORE Passover and Resurrection Sunday. You and your family will be blessed beyond measure.
And you’ll be one step further from Babylon when you’re done.

Video Content: 11 mins

Video Series

What is the Real Story?

There are some that have a hard time believing in Easter. You gotta admit… it’s a pretty wild story. Here is a fresh look that may surprise you… Long before Jesus appeared on the earth, the people were given various holidays, festivals and customs to follow until the coming of their Messiah.

Throughout history, numerous spiritual events have occurred on these exact pre-established Jewish Holy (or Festival) days. Yes, ON THE EXACT DAY, even on the exact hour! We know the exact dates on the calendar of these festivals for the past 3000+ years… and we know the exact dates for them in the years to come as well. The Bible and other historical documents give us the exact dates of Jesus’ travels and the day of His crucifixion. We just don’t know the exact year. The dates coincide EXACTLY with the festivals. Hopefully, you will begin to see these match-ups are not accidental. These feasts are pictures of God’s appointments with mankind… actual “rehearsals” of great events on God’s calendar.

Almost 1500 years before Christ, God called Moses to lead the Jewish nation out of bondage in Egypt. Their release came after the first born child in every house died at the hand of the Lord. Miraculously, the firstborn in each Jewish house lived because of the Lamb’s blood that was placed around the doorway. The yearly PASSOVER meal is a memorial of those saved lives and the nation’s release from slavery. But remember, God said these festivals are a picture of things to come. Look at some specifics:

During the Passover Festival each house was to take a perfect lamb without blemish on an EXACT date each year. The lamb was to be brought into town for public inspection. For those traveling from out of town, a lamb could be purchased in the city that was considered the “lamb factory”. In fact, over 250,000 lambs were raised in this city for this first Passover alone! When the lamb was brought into town, the onlookers wave palm branches as it passed by… on its way to be inspected and then sacrificed.

Once in the center court of the city, the lamb was to be inspected for 4 days to make sure it was indeed perfect. On the 14th of the month of Aviv (the Jewish or biblical calendar), the lamb is to be killed at exactly 3:00 p.m. At that time the lamb’s throat was to be cut, shedding the blood while it was bound to an upright stick. At the time of the lamb’s death, the phrase “It is finished” is to be spoken aloud.

The lamb is then prepared for a meal by roasting it on an upright stick, not across the fire as meat is usually prepared. Its intestines are removed, rolled into a circle and placed like a crown on the lambs head. On the very day the Jews were celebrating their Passover, a man (who had been born in the same town as the lamb factory; which just so happens to be Bethlehem) was riding into town. Keep in mind that a person cannot choose his place of birth! Those Jews that knew Jesus turned away from the lambs that were going through town and waved their palm branches at Jesus instead (Christians call this Palm Sunday). Have you ever wondered why the people waved palm branches, or why Jesus is called “the lamb that was slain”? God was fulfilling one of his appointments with man through Jesus… down to the exact detail! He was the perfect and final sacrifice that was needed.

As you may remember, exactly like the inspection of the lamb, Jesus was inspected and questioned 4 days by the Sadducees, Pharisees, and other government officials who could not find fault with Him but sentenced Him to death anyway. Jesus had no say in why they took exactly 4 days (just like the lamb!). Like the lambs that were inspected for fault at the very same hours in the city, He was also inspected for fault, but none was found… He was innocent. He was found without ‘blemish’, just like the lambs to be sacrificed were to be perfect. Regardless of His innocence, He was nailed to an upright stick. Was it just coincidence that Jesus had to be placed on the cross early that day because the next day happened to be a Sabbath, and no bodies could be left up at the crucifixion sites. Records (including secular sources), show that he died at exactly 3:00 pm which was the exact time of the slaying of the lambs!

Was it also a coincidence that his legs were not broken, even though all crucifixions of the time involved breaking the legs to speed the dying process (remember that prophecy in the old testament indicated his legs would not be broken). What were His very last words spoken in front of hundreds of witnesses? “… Jesus said, “It is finished:” With that, He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.” (John 19:30) The same words were spoken on the other side of town (at the exact moment) when the lambs were killed. On the same day, the same hour, and the same minute. WOW!

Remember, these festivals were celebrated 1500 years before Christ, and continue 2000 years after Christ! These predictions were given centuries before Christ’s birth. No man can choose events in his life, his birth date, the city of his birth, the events leading up to his death, the day of his death, or the manner of his death. Unfortunately, many Jews have failed to see the connection and Christians haven’t pieced it together either. Many have never even considered the evidence. It is this very lack of understanding that will play a significant role in future events in the middle east… as this was predicted too.

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